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Peranakan Curry
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Wangi’s Peranakan Curry Powder

is noted for its aromatic scent and authentic taste, keeping true to the family’s closely guarded recipe and in preserving its strong heritage.

Why Peranakan Curry?

What makes Peranakan Curry so special? Being all things Peranakan, it is a known fact that Nyonyas and Bibiks are well respected for their culinary skills.

Our curry dish has been a hot favourites in our family meals. Kept to its original recipe handed down by Grandma Seow Kim Lee, we had lovingly preserved its true authentic taste adhering to the same food preparation that was taught to our Bibiks and now this same recipe is handed down to us and taught with stringent supervision. Our curry dish too has stood the test of time, savoured by 5 generations and still enjoyed at every family gatherings today.

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